How to Choose the Right Ceiling Fan for Your Space

How to Choose the Right Ceiling Fan for Your Space. A remote control ceiling fan.

Ceiling fans are the perfect choice for improving airflow and ventilation in your Chattanooga, Tennessee, home. They can blend into your décor or add overhead pizzazz. They support your heating and cooling system and save on energy costs.

Choosing the best ceiling fan for your home is easy when you rely on Eldridge Service Co. for custom electrical solutions. Our licensed electricians handle everything from electrical system inspections to panel upgrades.

We install outlets, switches, lighting, and electrical devices that enhance home comfort, functionality, and enjoyment. We can help you choose the perfect-sized ceiling fan for your Chattanooga home and install it for you. Call us for a consultation.

Year-Round Ceiling Fan

You can run your ceiling fan while using a heating and cooling system.

Operate it clockwise on low speed in the winter to push warm air near the ceiling downward to your level.

On hot summer days, reverse the rotation of the blades counterclockwise and create a draft to stay cool when you are in the fan’s proximity. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) says you can set the thermostat 4° Fahrenheit higher when running your air conditioner with no comfort reduction.

The result is lower cooling costs and less stress on your AC system. The department says the fan alone may be adequate for cooling in temperate climates.

Ceiling Fan Location

Choose a room with a ceiling that is at least eight feet high. The fan blades should be about eight feet from the floor to improve airflow.

A fan with a flush mount is ideal for rooms with a low ceiling. The fan will be flush with the ceiling, ensuring the blades rotate at the appropriate height from the floor.

A fan with a down rod mount works best in rooms with high ceilings. The fan hangs from the ceiling at the end of a rod like a pendant light. 

Ceiling Fan Size

According to the DOE, a large fan can run at a slower speed and produce as much cooling as a small fan. It recommends 36- to 44-inch diameter fans for rooms up to 225 feet. Larger rooms benefit from fans that are at least 52 inches in diameter. A fan with a larger diameter has blades with a longer span than blades on a smaller fan.

Our qualified electricians at Eldridge Service Co. can make sizing and installation easy. We will measure your room and recommend the size needed to adequately cool the space without overwhelming it.

Ceiling Fan Features

  • Choose between pull chains, wall switches, or remote control to stop and start your ceiling fan and control fan speed.
  • Smart fans work with your home Wi-Fi system. They offer the convenience of remote control from anywhere with an app on your smartphone. You can say goodbye to pull chains, wall switches, and remote controls. Some fans are compatible with digital assistants such as Alexa, and some enable you to program energy-saving fan cycles.
  • Install a ceiling fan with lights to brighten a room or to replace a pendant light. Many fans offer light-dimming options. 

Ceiling Fan Installation and Repair

Let Eldridge Service Co. correctly size and install your ceiling fan to provide optimal airflow.

Call our expert team to diagnose and repair problems that may arise with ceiling fan speed, noise, flickering lights, or operation. We offer 24/7 emergency services to resolve emergency electrical issues.

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